Toys, Stationary, Books And Magazines

Toys, Stationary, Books And Magazines

Toys, books and stationary are an integral part of our learning process and we at Park n Shop recognize that. We aim to satisfy customers across ages, from the little ones to teenagers and even young adults.

Parents can put their toddlers’ motoring skills to work quite early with Educational toys that are meant to serve the purpose.

Little kids will find quite a pastime in our wide variety of LEGO sets and a perfect tea party partner in our range of different kinds of play dolls. Parents can also carry play time out into the backyard with the help of mini swings and slides which are easy to set up.

Tweens can find themselves some fancy equipment for their next trip to the beach, along with accessories for aqua game and pool toys. The Sporty can search for the perfect accessory to score, choosing from Footballs, Basketballs and other popular sporting equipment.

For Teens and Young Adults, we have popular replica racing car models to satiate the need for speed, along with a wide selection of videogame CDs for all ages through the Games Workshop.

Getting Back to School is also a task we would like to make extremely easy, both for parents as well as children and hence everything from Stationery to Equipment for the Art class is available at our stores. Adults can indulge themselves in a selection of novels and cook books along with magazines, periodicals and daily national and international newspapers. Should your office need stationery supplies, you can count on us for those too.