Cash N Carry

Park N Shop opened the biggest expat hypermarket in Dubai on 14th January 2014 in Dubai Investment Park. With our new Cash N Carry concept the main idea was to have a great place for the expatriate in Dubai to stay connected with all that is familiar and homely, as well as saving instantly on your shopping with our new Advantage Card program.

The way we look at it is the more you buy the more you save. However, there are reasons other than just price why people choose Park n Shop Cash N Carry. For a start, there are products on the shelves that people away from home, particularly the UK, Europe and the US can only get here. Food items which were part of your daily meals back home are available and affordable. You are certainly spoiled for choice no matter what aisle of the Hypermarket you find yourself in.

The Hypermarket sells much more than just Groceries, Toiletries, Meat and Cleaning products. Our Fresh Food sections are one of a kind, it includes the in-house state of the art bakery which is open to peek into and let the fresh aroma of baked goodies fill the store, from beautiful Bakewell Tarts to French Sticks all freshly made to the yummiest your taste buds can rejoice to.

The Butchers section is full of meaty goodness and also caters to Fish fans. Wagyu Beef and Venison are the centerpiece of our Gourmet Meat Counter. At the Cash N Carry outlet we take it one step further, giving our Advantage Card customers the privilege to buy large quantities and big cuts for their barbeque parties at exciting rates. A good variety of game meats such as venison and rabbit are also available as well as a variety of other items including, And yes, you can buy bacon and other pork products in a separate section which is the largest in the UAE

With a special dedicated chiller for organic vegetables and fruits hand-picked by our department head our fruit and vegetable section is one of the best in the city.  We also import many fruits and vegetables from USA, Europe and the UK.

Shopping at Park N Shop DIP is an experience like never before. With expats coming in from all over the UAE, the Advantage Card Loyalty Program, and a whole load of products from home we are your one stop shop for everything you need.


The Cash N Carry Loyalty Program

The Cash N Carry concept enables us to buy in bulk for less; we then carry forward the discount to our customers as bonus points on most products which are instantly redeemable as cash on every purchase. Therefore where ever we save on our purchase, our Advantage card customers will save too!

What is the Advantage Card?
The Advantage Card is a membership card created to reward our customers in many different ways, giving you the most of your shopping experience with Park n Shop DIP. Bonus Points are allocated to most of our products available in each section of the store, thus giving you an Advantage for your shopping. This card allows Advantage Card holders to earn points through their regular shopping, and provides them with special loyalty card offers.

My Advantage?
The general concept is for every 100 bonus points; you earn 1 AED off your total bill. So the more bonus points you earn, the more cash back you get.

Where is my Advantage Card?
Getting your Advantage Card is very simple. Please visit our customer service desks or ask at the cash register for more information about the Park n Shop Advantage Card.